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 Best Home Inspection Services In Henderson, Nevada

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Get your home inspected now from the team of experts. We provide the best home inspection services in Henderson, Nevada & all of Clark County, Nevada


Henderson, NV



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About Our Home Inspection Company In Henderson , Nevada

Welcome to our website! We are a leading provider of home inspection services in Henderson, Nevada, dedicated to ensuring that homeowners and buyers have a comprehensive understanding of the condition of their property. We take pride in providing the best home inspection services in Henderson and Las Vegas, according to the Home Inspection Standards.
At our home inspection company in Henderson , we believe that every home is unique, which is why we offer ancillary inspections in addition to our standard home inspection services. These additional inspections are designed to identify potential issues that may not be visible during a standard inspection. 


Best home inspection services in Henderson Nevada cover a wide range of areas, including the structural components of your home, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and much more. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our inspections are thorough and accurate, and we take the time to explain our findings to you in a clear and understandable manner. We Perform inspections for home buyers, sellers, and investors. We also perform consultations or condition inspections for homeowners and renters.

Why Choose Us?

1.  Owner and Lead inspector has been inspecting homes since 2012.

2.  We pride ourselves on our principles of integrity, honesty, and client first. 

3.  We are fully insured with general liability and E&O insurance. 

4.  We give all owner occupied buyers a choice between two third party warranties one for a 100           days or 120 days from date of inspection. 

5.  Come to the inspection and we'll walk you through all of the issues found and answer any                   questions you may have. 

6.  Lead inspector is a Certified Hud Consultant 

7.  Lead inspector is a Member of Internachi with CPI and CMI Certifications 

8.  Member of Las Vegas Association of Realtors

9.  We have E-key access.

10. Same Day Reports.

11. Discounts for Veterans, Active Military, First Responders, Teachers, Medical workers, ect…

12. Price Matching, restrictions apply.



Sample Reports

After your inspection is done, we will produce a written inspection report for you in 24hrs or less. The report will be easy-to-read and clear to understand. We will include pictures of the systems and components of the home and building that we inspected that are in need of repair or need attention. We will also provide a summary of the defects that we observed during the inspection. If you are present at the inspection, we will also walk you through the defects and answer any questions you may have.

Sample Reports

Hundreds of Check Points

A home inspection is a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems, and components that are visible and safely accessible.


During a home inspection, the following systems and components are inspected:

  1. Interior, exterior, walls, windows, and doors

  2. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

  3. Basement, crawlspace, and structure

  4. Fireplace

  5. Roof and attic

  6. Electrical

  7. Plumbing

house systems components standards

We Educate Our Clients

During the home inspection services in Henderson, we will show you how everything in your house works, how to maintain it, and how to save home energy. Scientific evidence demonstrates a solid relationship between housing conditions and human health. So, let's make sure your home supports your health. 

3 Works

how it works

3 Brush

how to maintain it

3 House

how to save energy

Free "Tips for Homebuyers" Booklet

Inside our free, downloadable booklet, we provide you with valuable tips that can help streamline your real estate transaction by making it go quicker and smoother with the help of your InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector.


Click the download button to get the Tips for Homebuyers Book as a PDF now.

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